About Fushine
          President's statement

          I sincerely thank all the friends who are concerned about Fushine. Because of your understanding and trust, care and support, Fushine Pharmaceutical could achieve a steady and solid development!

          Fushine is a young pharmaceutical enterprise established by a young team. Talents. Integrity, teamwork, efficiency and innovation are the manifestation of all Fushine people's vigorous spirits; Meticulously manufacturing medicine and health care are the long mission of all Fushine people; to be a global well-known pharmaceutical enterprise is the common vision of all Fushine people. Healthily manufacturing medicine and to be a sunshine person. Fushine has stuck to this faith and to make a company that makes staff proud , shareholders reassure, cooperators trusted, competitors respect and also benefit to the society.

          Because of you, Fushine Pharmaceutical will be more successful and glorious!
          Please join our hands together to fight for a brighter future!

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