Immersive 101

aka FAQ



Q: What is Immersive?

A: Instead of a traditional theatre production where you sit in a darkened theatre and watch the play, immersive gets you out of your seat and involved in the action. Characters will talk directly to you, as a friend, confidant, adversary, former lover, sibling, parent - you become part of the story without having to do anything at all but exist in the space with them. 

Q: Is it scary?

A: Well, we don't want to give anything away, but if you're asking about "jump scares", no. There will be some potentially intense moments, but our goal isn't to scare you, it's to tell a story! With that said, if you want extra assurance, book one of the earlier performance times.

Q: What is the story about?

A: Between 1935 and 1938, Cleveland had a serial killer with 12 known victims (only two were ever identified), known as the Cleveland Torso Murderer, or The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run. The unsolved case was the greatest failure of famed detective Eliot Ness, the man that brought down Al Capone.  

The first victim became known as the Lady of the Lake. While virtually nothing is known about her identity, this is her story. 

Q: Will I have to participate?

A: With a certain set of rules to follow, you are allowed to participate with the actors, to answer questions if asked, to enjoy a drink that is handed to you - or you can simply observe. 


Q: Will I be walking?

A: Yes - we are taking over 4 buildings and a metro park in Historic Downtown Bedford, so you will be walking between locations, climbing stairs, and generally moving through the 90 minute performance. We recommend comfortable walking shoes, and light clothing, possibly a few layers if it gets cool in the evening.

Q: Can I sit down?

A: Absolutely - while there will be bouts of walking every 20 minutes or so, every location will have chairs and water stations nearby if you need to sit for a few minutes or for the duration of a scene. Because of the historic nature of most of our locations, water stations may be outside. 

Q: I'm thirsty.

A: Awesome. We will have bottled water for purchase at the box office prior to check-in for $1. Cash only, and we won't have bills over $20, so go to the ATM. You can also bring your own water. Because of the historic nature of our buildings, only water is permitted on the premises.

Q: What if I have to use the restroom?

A: There is one set of restrooms at the Train Station. Please use the restroom prior to the show starting. The performance runs on a very tight clock, so it will be difficult to get you in and out of the show during the performance. We recommend using the restroom prior to checking in at your start time. If you absolutely need to use the restroom during the performance, discreetly find a staff member, who will be wearing staff shirts, and they will assist you. 

Q: Why do I have to sign a waiver?

A: You will be asked to sign a Release of Liability with your legal name, acknowledging that you are at least 18 years old, and are willing to participate in an event at your own risk. If you choose not to sign the waiver, you will not be allowed to participate, and your ticket will NOT be refunded.


Q: I only have the option to select one ticket on my selected performance time, does that mean there is only one ticket left or that I can only purchase one ticket at a time?
A: The website shows the total number of tickets available for that performance. If only one ticket is shown, then there is only one ticket left for purchase for that entry time.

Q: I am interested in attending a performance but I am under 18. How can I see the show?
A: While most of our performances are for audiences age 18+, we can accommodate 16-17 year olds if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian that will sign a waiver and you will also need to have your hand stamped so the cast and crew can properly identify you.


Q: I have misplaced my confirmation email with my order number. Can you resend it?
A: Sure! Just email us at

Q: I can’t attend the show on my ticket date. Can I exchange my tickets for a different date?
A: Sure, as long as your ticket date is more than 12 hours away. Just email with your request. If your ticket date is less than 12 hours away, we cannot exchange the tickets.

Q: Are tickets transferable/can I give them to a friend/sell them to a stranger?
A: Yes! Tickets are transferable. Whoever uses the tickets just needs to give the name on the reservation at the door, and have the order number, which appears in your confirmation email. Alternatively, if you email us with the name and contact information of the new ticket holder, we can change the reservation to be listed under their name. Either way, the attendees will need their own ID for proof of age.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: Tickets are non-refundable except in instances of weather related cancellations.


Q: I have allergies/don’t consume alcohol. Is there anything I should avoid drinking at the show?
A: All beverages are alcohol free.  If you have serious allergies, you should decline all beverages/food offerings. For information about specific ingredients, email

Q: What time should I be there?

A: Your experience begins at your ticketed time, don't be late!. Please allow 10-15 minutes to find parking, use the restroom, and check in at the box office outside the train station. 

Q: I'm going to have a few drinks with dinner before seeing the show. That's cool, right?

A: Anyone that is intoxicated poses a safety risk for the audience, the actors and crew. Anyone that is visibly intoxicated will be removed from the performance with no refund given.

Q: I wanna take a selfie!

A: Photography is strictly prohibited during the performance. There will be an opportunity for a group photo before the performance. Patrons who choose to ignore this will be removed from the experience at the managements' discretion without refund.

Q: Will I get to sit next to or be with my friend/spouse/partner?

A: You may be separated from your group for a short time - this is not a bad thing - you will get to experience a singularly different variation of the show that you can each talk about and compare notes. You will start and finish the experience together - everything in the middle, we have you covered.